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Our Kennels

Caspian Suite

Welcome to our Kennels, here you will find plenty of comfort for your dog whilst they stay with us.

All our guests stay in their own individual suite within our Caspian suite. The Caspian Suites are of solid brick construction with tiled floors and galvanised doors. No direct contact can be made between our guests. The roof over the sleeping area is insulated against extreme weather conditions and we maintain and monitor our indoor temperature hourly or less, during real extremes and within our working day. The sleeping area is heated, depending on the season.

Our guest's bedrooms are furnished and decorated to a five star standard, with off the floor beds, either plastic round frame bed or iron posted beds, we provide either veterinary bedding or thick luxurious duvets, depending on your dog's nature and personal requirements. A floor mat is provided.

In their private outdoor patio area which has a solid roof, not only for protection against the wet but also from the suns rays, preventing sunburn and heat stress, both life threatening. We routinely feed and water to keep their bedrooms tidy, although water is freely available in both areas all the time.

Our Cattery

We have three cattery suites to offer you and your cat, all with superior Five Star accommodation, in a peaceful country setting. We pride ourselves on our outstanding cleanliness, decor and furnishings of all our feline suites.

Our cattery is constructed from brick. There are no porous surfaces to harbour disease. There is a continual solid roof over the bedrooms and a solid transparent roof over the patio area, thus creating an outdoors feel, whilst providing protection to our British weather. Floors are tiled and our doors to bedroom areas are transparent again, creating an open plan feel and allowing us to observe its inhabitants without disturbing their peace. All outside doors and dividing walls are made from galvanised steel. Windows and doors have the luxury of transparent removable screens, again allowing us to create an outdoors feel but also providing a draught free, dry and either warm or cool environment, dependant on season.
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